1. EWB VCU chapter is looking for volunteers and mentors for their sediment control project based in Chiquisis village, Guatemala.
  2. Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour Scheduled for 9th December 2016, 3 PM. Click Here
  3. Our professional members along with Virginia Tech students visited Uganda in August 2016 for installation of a new solar power system
  4. Helvecio (Al), one of our professional team members, is an avid traveler who recently visited Nepal. Check this link for some of the most captivating pictures and the work that he has been doing out there.

The professional chapter of Engineers without Borders Central Virginia works on providing community based solutions to critical challenges currently facing the developing countries. Some of the key areas that we work on are clean drinking water, waste management, solar energy, and sanitation facilities. EWB Central Virginia also provides mentorship to EWB student chapters of Virginia Tech, James Madison University and Virginia Common Wealth University. 

Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meetings are usually held on every third Saturday of the month at : CORT Furniture Rental & Clearance Center

1207 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230

Support / Volunteer for EWB- CVA

EWB Central Virginia relies mainly on the generous  support of its volunteers. We aim to build a better and sustainable world through implementing projects that can empower communities and help them in meeting their basic needs of clean water, sanitation, electrical, and energy requirement. Kindly donate or help us fund-raise for the chapter.


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