• Open officer positions available to be filled : Treasurer  & Secretary
  • JMU: New student EWB chapter looking for projects they can collaborate with.
  • VT: Guatemala project will need assistance with designing a leech field.
  • VT: Uganda project is looking for professional mentors. This project will be performing a monitoring/assessment trip in the summer of 2016. After having completed several solar storage projects they will be testing current installations and deciding what direction this program should take. This is a great experienced team to work with and a great opportunity to develop your international skills! Training on solar storage systems is available locally here in Richmond.
  • VT: Dominican Republic project is looking for additional professional mentors with structural and/or construction experience. They will be traveling in January 2016 to perform an assessment trip in order to determine the best way to utilize current infrastructure (if possible) and install a new centralized well for the community. We can expect to see their pre-assessment application soon (due for submittal Nov 15th) for review and they would like to meet with us prior to our next meeting for feedback.
  • VCU: Biosand filter design project. This is a research based project outside the scope of EWB, but are interested in receiving input from professionals with experience in this area.
  • VCU: Guatemalan community that has worked with VCU in the past is working on receiving EWB program adoption. This project will likely focus on erosion control.



bolivia-24PROJECT SUMMARY : This project was performed as a joint venture between the EWB-USA VCU Student Chapter and EWB-USA James River Professional Chapter along with support by a local Bolivian NGO, Engineers in Action (EIA). The community of San Antonio De Lomerío (SAL) is in a very rural area of Bolivia supplied by a single lane dirt road in extremely poor condition.This project concentrated on the first phase of the program and was aimed at bringing clean water to an existing elevated water tower and delivering clean water to few locations.

We successfully performed thorough inspection of their current water system that consists of a centrifugal pump, piping network, and elevated water tank. . We also conducted water testing on their current sources, measured the depth to water table of existing wells without hand pumps, and inspected their 100 m3 elevated water storage tank as well as four nearby dams and reservoirs that the community had constructed for water storage.

PROJECT LEADERS:  Jeff Stumb ( ,   Allison Yaguchi (

PROJECT MENTOR : Theo Dillaha (

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